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    Don't give it a secondthought


    1. … you already have a studio, a composer or an idea for the musical production of your content, but you do not know exactly how to develop it or you need additional music.
    2. … you have a tight budget for music composition and think that this could compromise the quality of your final product.
    3. … your producer, your director and composer seem to speak different languages, they do not understand each other and this represents an extra cost in time, effort and resources.
    4. … you have doubts regarding music rights, opportunities for exploitation, convergences, etc.
    you need amusical supervisor

    About us

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    Music shouldn't be the problem, but thesolution

    How does this Chord sound?

    A chord is a harmonic set of three notes that fit together perfectly, three values that together create a solid and harmonious structure. These are the areas in which we can help you interpret and assemble:

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      Our management model is based on simplicity and full coverage. Music shouldn’t be a terrible headache. Our experience in the industry enables us to take on and coordinate several different aspects: from music and legal advice to contact and dialogue with studios and artists.

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      Centralizing management makes it possible to optimize production costs, reduce unnecessary costs and avoid surprises in the final budget. It also allows us to adapt to the needs of each production, offering different solutions which can range from tailor-made compositions to music from a music library.

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      All of this, of course, is done without compromising the quality of the content. Excellence is always our goal, both in dealing with the client and the final result. Through our personal and professional work we have developed contacts and close relationships over the years with talented musical composers, musicians, performers, studios and production teams. Our experience is our guarantee.

    Who plays this Chord?

    We Are Facilitators

    Our services

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      Total production

      If you are focused on other aspects of production and you don’t want to worry about the musical aspect, we can provide full management of this area based on your creative vision.

      This option, which is ideal for turnkey projects, covers everything from the original composition to the use of music catalogues. It also includes the management of rights belonging to third parties, as well as legal and musical advice provided by our team.

    • Two crossing arrows

      Adaptation of a musical concept

      If you have already started production but are having problems finishing it or have some pieces of it (an idea, a theme or a composer) but have not yet figured out how to fit them together, we can help.

      We can provide our services as partners and coordinators of the different areas. We can also offer musical advice and rights management. Thanks to our pool of musicians and studios, we can find the option that best suits the needs of your project.

    • Two puzzle pieces

      Rights management

      If your musical production is at a very advanced stage, maybe you only need to smooth off some rough edges. In this case, our music library services and our creative team can be the solution.

      We can offer you the best music catalogues with over 100,000 titles produced in the best sound studios by composers with a proven track record. Furthermore, we can negotiate the acquisition of rights for other catalogues, artists or record labels.


    • Taking into account your budget


      We can adapt to your budgetary needs and offer solutions that allow you to optimize and get the most out of your investment.

    • Taking into account your current production phase


      It doesn't matter whether you have just started your production or if the only thing missing is the music.

    • Taking into account the content you want to produce


      Our music services cover all types of content: cinema, television, advertising, corporate, video games, etc.

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